Will New SEPTIC SYSTEMs save our Waters

To preserve and protect our waters and environment, our State experts are asking for hundreds of millions in public and private funds to install new and improved septic systems. The State claims they will reduce 65%/14.95+ pounds of nitrogen reduction a year. This makes a lot of sense and sounds like a great investment until you read the fine print and learn that when these types of systems our out of their testing environment they don’t work quite as well and they carry a lot of expensive baggage. 


If you are interested in reducing nitrogen from septic systems in Florida here are a few things you should know. The EPA estimates the average household produces 23 pounds of nitrogen per year. In Florida our “State’s studies” show; The enhanced septic system averages the reduction of 33%/7.59 pounds of nitrogen a year, not the claimed 65%+, along with a laundry list of problems. Their estimated average cost is $22,500 and this does not include their required annual maintenance, repairs, sampling, permit and service contract renewal fees. A modern conventional septic system averages the reduction of 50%/11.5+ pounds of nitrogen a year and their estimated average cost is $8,000, not including their maintenance of an inspection and pump out once every 3 to 5 years.

What is known but is not discussed in public is that the maintenance requirements and problems of the enhanced septic systems will likely “ADD” an estimated 3.91 pounds of nitrogen a year at an estimated cost of $3,625 per lb. to our waters, springsheds and lagoons. To clarify, our State experts are mandating and having your public and private funds used to pay for the installation of enhanced septic systems, knowing that their own studies show that these types of septic systems will likely increase the nitrogen in our waters! 

What has been purposely left out of the public conversations about the enhanced nitrogen reduction calculations, is their reliability to maintain   65%/14.95+ nitrogen reduction on private properties! And, the odds of the enhanced nitrogen reduction systems getting their required and expensive maintenance when forced on homeowners living pay check to pay check!

The State is aware that the enhance septic systems will have a difficult time meeting their nitrogen reduction claims. That is why the added this disclaimer to their Septic Upgrade Incentive Program (a public funded program) stating that the Department does not endorse or guarantee the functionality of any nitrogen-reducing feature purchased or installed under this program”. This is an eye-opening statement considering the sole purpose of installing these expensive nitrogen-reducing features is to reduce nitrogen! 

The enhanced type septic system program for the BMAP areas is not new, it’s been around for a long time and it failed miserably! Everything you are being told today about the nitrogen reduction capabilities of the newly named “Enhanced/Upgrade Septic Systems” was promised by the State with the “Advanced Septic System Program” implemented 19 years ago. So, here we are today with the State doubling down with your hundreds of millions in public and private funds mandating the use of the same failing, inefficient and ineffective nitrogen reducing septic system program, ignoring the systems poor performance and again claiming high nitrogen reduction, somehow expecting a different result!

What is never included in any of the save our waters from septic system meetings and propaganda is that “it’s not the septic system type that removes nitrogen, it’s the septic system’s maintenance!” Any type of septic system that does not receive its required maintenance will not reduce the amount of nitrogen of which it’s capable, as has been realized but not disclosed with our current enhanced septic system program. The more complicated, expensive and repetitive you make the maintenance, the more difficult it becomes for the septic system to meet its nitrogen reduction claims, more so,  when forced on homeowners living pay check to pay check! 

Be carefull when following the massess, sometimes the "M" is silent!


The State will force home owners living pay check to pay check to install expensive septic systems!

The State will force home owners living pay check to pay check to install expensive septic systems!