Transporting & Disposal of raw sewage


Florida’s unregulated “Pumped-N-Dumped” household sewage:

A nitrogen contamination source never discuss is the unregulated raw sewage that is pumped, transported and disposed throughout Florida, it is a substantial amount of raw sewage estimated to be around 2.8 BILLION gallons a year. Very little is known about where the raw sewage goes after it is pumped. 

If septic system sewage is not dumped in a state-approved facility, the state agencies do not recognize its existence, and it is definitely not included as a pollution or nitrogen contamination source to Florida’s waters. Florida does not have a program in place to track the transported raw sewage, or to know how many septic tanks are pumped, or if the 2 billion gallons of septic waste is properly and safely disposed. 

This is such an easy and affordable problem to fix, As a matter of fact FDOH had the ability to track and manage its septic systems transported and disposed raw sewage, but they did not want to do it, it was not important to them and frankly they didn't care. 

(Source 139,060 septic system pumping and disposal records collected over a 10 year period.)